Friday, July 20, 2012


spasmo proxyvon is a pain killer which is used to genrally for stomach pain treating functional bowel disorders oootherway its has very much side effects first of all it is so much addictive... as i am also addicted to this so here i tell you my own experience about spasmo proxyvon....which which i faced.... i popping this drug from last two year exactly.... i genrally popped 8-10 tabs in 5 of chain and sometime even i pop more than 20 tabs in a day... after having that i feel so excited....i feel happy....i was just seen and seen at one point only.....without tention....u feel so relax... you dont feel hunger...but you feel not siyore that everybody feel thirsty..... may be only i feel i am addicted to that... you also experience hallucination if you popped so much .... beside this this drug also has many SIDE EFFECT as it is printed on its pack over dosage is injurious to liver..... but i faced many other drying of throat .... sleeping difficulty...swalliness of down... and the biggest problem which i faced is STOMACH PAIN... i cant explain you how it feels when pain starts in stomach I WAS ROLLING ON FLOOR due to PAIN.... I CANT EXPLAIN.... SO IT IS BETTER KI YOU LEAVE THIS DRUG....AS IT HAS MANY OTHER SIDE EFFECTS....AND ALSO IT TAKE YOUR LIFE... SO BE HAPPY AND HAVE A DRUG FREE LIFE.... . next post friend i strytill using this fuckin drug... i cant leave i completely failed to leave leave it for 1 week then again 8 th day i ran to the shop for having spasmo proxyvn... this drug completely spoil my study life... most of time i think of this only..most of my pocket money is spent on this drug.. i didnt feel any thing when i was on the drug ..that as people says that they cant move their hand or cant do any job...IN MY CASE I ONLY MISS THIS DRUG...NOTING ELSE I FEEL. i cant find any mental problem....but i discover that what is the condition of my inside body specially my tummy.. generally i pop 6 tabs at once.....means in a single day i pop 3 strips...means 24 tabs... i was very afraid.... i cant see my future...only because of this blue evil pils.
25th july 2013.
hello friends you know i didnt get these pills from last 30days.and i am really missing this.. my legs were aching like hell. my chemist said that this pill is banned  . .

Its 2014 baby

it has been a fucking long time that i havent touched a single fucking pill.
i left it because i wanted to leave it . and i damn fucking sure i will never touch this again in the whole remaining years in my life .
and i would like to tell you . please please yaar dont do this drug . this is complete fucking death making thing,you would ever get to know about.
listen to me and try to quit .
because i know people .. how much are you taking to get high . 
it wouldnt lesser than 10 tab a day .
you just think that you are a dad . and your child is of 7 year . and he is popping some 10 pills in front of you .
this is not normal na .?
it is not the right thing to play with . 
if you are really a fucking fan of playing . then why dont you play with those green herb.
they are less harmful . 

and yes keep following me . i will make you know some good things which will surely help you in leaving . 

But please leave .